A Poem for Mothers whose sons/daughters may have been hurt in the recent bombings by Iran by Katy Zatsick

I wrote this poem in June 2005 after I read a newspaper article in which my Army Lt son’s Tank Commander had given the order to fire on a pick-up truck in Iraq. As the USA killed an Iranian general and they have retaliated by bombing sites where Americans are present today
I offer this poem as a reflection for us:

A poem of sorrow:

A mother waits
A messenger comes to her door
The sun stops in its course across the sky
And plunges her world into night.

Sorrow so deep
Her wail so strong
It broke my heart
Here in Chicago this day.
Joined together forever are we
One son gave an order
One son died

We are one in our tears.
?I am sorry our cultures say, ?War is the answer.?
?I am sorry my son says, ?Fire?
I hold your son in my arms
And pray for your healing
And may the world be reconciled
To understand we are One.