On May 17th at 12:45 pm, our dearly loved Marie Scott peacefully slipped into the arms of her Loving God. We will miss her so much.? She was such a special and involved member of our MMOJ family.

With her at her bedside were her daughter, Beth Cooper, Janet Blakeley and Sally Brochu. Her sister Hope and husband were with Marie via FaceTime and her other daughter Gabrielle was on another phone.? She recognized us and smiled.

We began to anoint Marie. At the moment the holy oils were placed on her forehead, we could feel her take immediate leave, peacefully and with quiet dignity.

It was a gift to be with Marie in her last moments and to be a support for Beth. Please reach out to her when you can and include her in your prayers as she moves through these difficult times.

Marie had requested cremation. When we have information about the funeral arrangements, we will let you know.

Before she died, I told Marie that the entire MMOJ Community surrounded her with love. I think she understood me.

With love and blessings to each of you.
Sally and Janet