Outreach- Tithing Survey Results

Summary Memo of Survey — MMOJ Outreach

January 27 – February 7, 2022

Total Surveys Sent: 66 Total Responses:  35 

The MMOJ board requested community input regarding recipients for charitable donations for the remainder of 2022. 

For the entire year of 2021, MMOJ tithed 5% of monthly income to All Faiths Food Bank (AFFB) of Sarasota. The board would now like to revert to the previous practice of changing the recipient organization on a quarterly basis. There may also come a time when MMOJ is able to make additional lump sum donations to nonprofit organizations. 

Question: Please rank the following organizations from the list below and rank these with your preference from 1 to 4, with 1 being the most important.  

(listed in ranked order then underneath is the number of individual votes and combined score reflecting ranking)

1.  Coalition of Immokalee Workers Fair Food Program 

28 votes, score 5.61

2.  All Faiths Food Bank of Sarasota 

27 votes, score 5.48

3.  Community Foundation of Sarasota-Season of Sharing 

19 votes, score 5.42

4.  Meals on Wheels of Sarasota (city and some adjacent county areas) 

21 votes, score 4.81

5.  Food for the Poor—provides food, medicine, shelter to the poor in Latin America and the Caribbean 

24 votes, score 4.63

6.  Meals on Wheels of Englewood, Sarasota County 

19 votes, score 4.16 

7.  Salvation Army of Sarasota 

21 votes, score 3.67

Comments:  Other suggestions. Please be very specific. 

1.  Thanks for asking! 

2.  Since I do not live in the area, I make my selections based on what I know of each organization and the impact they have within my community with the exception of my second choice listed above. 

3.   The Florida Center for Early Childhood 

4.  All you have look good 

5.  Saint Vincent De Paul Society 

6.  Addiction programs 

7.  none at present 

8.  The Climate Reality Project-existential threat to all life on God’s creation of earth. 

9.  Hi, this is Jill. Since I’m from SC I feel that my physical outreach should be where I live and have made adjustments to that end. I enjoy being with you all online in celebration. 

Thank you for completing this survey. Your preferences and comments will be shared with the Board of Directors and the community.  You are encouraged to contact any of the Board of Directors with your questions.  

We thank you for your continuing participation as a member of MMOJ.