Cancellation of In-Person Liturgy…August 6th

Dear MMOJ Friends,

The MMOJ Board of Directors, in keeping with our initial commitment to safety.

In returning to in-person liturgies, have asked Cheryl Brandi to monitor theĀ 

Covid data for our region to assist us in deciding the appropriateness of holding scheduled in person liturgies. In response to this request, Cheryl shared the following information this week:

 I am following the Mayo Clinic COVID tracking site, the NY Times Sarasota County COVID tracker, the CDC COVID tracker for Sarasota County, and the SMH daily update. 

Sarasota County remains in the high range for transmission and inpatient admissions. The Mayo Clinic trend graph shows possibly a predicted slight decline in incidence in the next 14 days, but this is predicted. The decline, if it happens, is not likely to drop us enough into a medium zone, and even so, would be upper limits of medium. 

SMH COVID inpatient admissions have increased since yesterday. (7/26)

The recommendations for high risk zones remain unchanged.  People should wear a well-fitting mask indoors, and socially distance. If social distancing is not possible, then masking with an N95 mask is recommended. 

Based on this information and our recent experience at the Anointing Service where 5 out of 14 participants contracted Covid, the Board members agreed that, out of an abundance of caution, our scheduled in-person liturgy for

August 6th, should be cancelled. Therefore, the Saturday, August 6th Liturgy will be Zoom Only.

The Board will continue to monitor Covid data for our area moving forward and will keep you informed. 

Thank you and be safe.

The Board of Directors:

Joan Pesce

Mary Al Gagnon

Cheryl Brandi

Mary Montavon

Michael Rigdon

Lee Breyer

Pat MacMillan