Hybrid Liturgy Instructions 11/5/22

Rev:  11/5/22

Dear Friends,

As we look forward to our hybrid liturgy at 4 pm at St. Andrew, there are a few things the Zoom Expansion Committee would like you to be aware of beforehand to make the adjustment to this new experience comfortable and smooth.

In-Person Participants:

  • In an effort to social distance, chairs have been arranged to provide extra space and we request only 3 individuals on each of the front pews.  Masks will be optional. (St. Andrew congregation are required to wear masks, but we may choose not to do so.)  An additional precaution is to take an at-home COVID test.  This would likely detect the infection even if you have no symptoms.  
  • There will be no printed copies of the Liturgy distributed. Please print your own copy or bring your electronic device to read along. The password for St. Andrew wi-fi is:  Andrew6908
  • There will be two lapel microphones used by the Presiders. The in-person Prayer Leaders and Readers will sit between the 2 podiums and use those microphones. 
  • To connect to the Zoom participants, Presiders and readers and anyone sharing should look at the camera in the rear of the Sanctuary just below the large TV monitor. 
  • If you wish to share during the Homily or Community Prayers, please raise your hand and a mic will be brought to you.  (both those in-person and virtual)
  • At communion, we will be passing only the bread. Only the presider will drink from the cup.

ZOOM Participants:

  • As usual, please be sure to be muted unless you are a Prayer Leader or Reader.  Unmute to read; mute when finished.
  • If you wish to share during the Homily or Community Prayers, please use the “raise hand” icon on your screen.

FEEDBACK REQUESTED:  Our goal is to help us all feel connected and part of our supportive and caring community. After our first hybrid liturgy, we want to hear from you with both positive and negative comments.  Did you feel connected? Was the picture and volume clear? Any suggestions for improvement?  Thank you for helping us in this new venture!                 

Send comments to Joan Pesce:  jmpesce24@gmail.com