Our History

Our Journey

A New Beginning, House Church, Sarasota, Florida, April 11, 2008

Our First Liturgy, St. Andrew’s United Church of Christ, March, 2009

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With Deep Appreciation to St. Andrew United Church of Christ

In 2008, Pastor Phil Garrison along with the enthusiastic support of St. Andrew UCC opened its sanctuary doors to Mary Mother of Jesus Inclusive Catholic Community. We are grateful to the entire congregation of St. Andrew UCC for their loving embrace of our community; who gather each Saturday at 4 PM to worship together and reflect a new way of living Gospel equality now rooted in Jesus in the Bible. You have helped us to live our dream; now of an inclusive church where all are always welcome to receive sacraments at the Banquet Table of God?s love.
May you be forever blessed.

Dr. Bridget Mary Meehan, Co-Pastor of MMOJ and Bishop of the Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests